Mother, This Is Things Baby Learned From the Womb

Do not think the womb where the baby is sheltered in the belly of the Mother, as a quiet place. In the womb the baby can hear a variety of sounds, including listening to the conversation carried out by people around him, see a little beam of light, and begin to distinguish the taste of food consumed by Mother. These things can help babies learn from the womb. When pregnant, Mother's womb is like a playground for Little. Activities such as stretching, moving, to kicking are ways to fill time and respond to what he hears and feels. Starting at the age of 20 weeks' womb all these miracles he slowly learned as provisions for life preparation when he was born later. Baby's Five Senses Start Active When pregnant, Mother may often talk to your child while rubbing his stomach. Although impressed talking alone, but the baby can actually hear what you say, although not yet able to fully respond. Not just listening, babies have also begun to learn the language Mother uses, and t
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